Script: Listening Exercise 181

Script: Listening Exercise 181


Voice: Zach and Jenn are best friends. They live in the same apartment block and go to the same school although Zach is in the year above Jenn. Zach is originally from London but has lived in Hong Kong for the past seven years. His family moved here because of his mum’s job. The two friends don't see much of each other at school because they’re in different years, but they meet up two or three times a week in a local coffee shop to have a chat. Last night, Jenn phoned Zach to tell him she had an important bit of news for him. He has been waiting all day to see what it is. Listen to their conversation and then answer the questions.

Zach: Come on, spill the beans. What have you got to tell me? You sounded very excited on the phone last night.

Jenn: Yes, I was. I was bursting to tell you, but I didn't want to tell you over the phone. But first, you've got to promise me something.

Zach: Go on. What?

Jenn: Please don't tell anyone. You've got a bit of a big mouth at times, and I don't want what I'm going to tell you spread all over school.

Zach: A big mouth? Me? Oh, Jenn! You know I'm the best person in the world at keeping a secret. Your secret will be safe with me. Honest! Promise!

Jenn: It had better be. If you tell anyone else, I’ll have your guts for garters. Right?

Zach: Right! Promise! You've got me intrigued.

Jenn: Well... I'm leaving school at the end of this term to go and live in London for a year. I've got a place in a college there to study Form Six. I'll be living with my aunt and uncle in an area called Pinner.

Zach: Wow! That's amazing news! I know Pinner. It's near Harrow where we used to live. It takes you about half an hour to get into the middle of London on the underground. You didn't tell me you had relatives in London.

Jenn: I knew that my dad had a cousin who lived somewhere in the UK, but I had no idea where. My dad didn't really talk much about him. But last year when my dad was in England, they met up and became good friends. The idea for me to go live with them for a year and improve my English, came up when they met. Dad didn't say anything to me about it until about two or three months ago, then he asked me what I thought. I jumped at the chance. You know I want to be an English teacher and the opportunity to go live there for a year is absolutely brilliant. Dad's cousin's wife is a secretary in a local sixth form college, and she's making all the arrangements for my studies. I'm so excited. But please don't tell anyone. I don't want anyone gossiping until everything is organised and definite.

Zach: My lips are sealed. I won't say a word. Let me tell you a bit about Pinner. My best friend Ben lives there. He'll look after you. I know, I'll buy you a coffee and a cake to celebrate. And I promise: my lips are sealed.


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