Food photography ain't that phat!

Food photography ain't that phat!

How many of you take out your cameras as food is being served to you in a restaurant? I imagine many of you out there are nodding your heads. This trend puzzles me.

Is it that the presentation of food has undergone a marked improvement since the advent of the dining industry? This explanation seems inadequate, as there are also people who take photos of their ordinary bowl of breakfast cereal and share them on social networks.

Who am I trying to kid? We just want to capture every waking moment of our lives, glamorise them on Instagram, post them on Facebook and show everyone what a fruitful and fabulous life we are living. And as food constitutes a vital part of our daily routine, it has become the ultimate victim of our ruthless photographic zeal.

Controversially, many restaurants have reacted to the obsession by prohibiting photos of food to be taken altogether.

While we should be free to take pictures of whatever we wish, even if it means our food will be cold by the time we eat it, it is also true that doing so - with giant cameras flashing madly - can ruin the atmosphere for other diners.

I know food is often artistically arranged and presented. But please restrain yourself and treat your food with some respect!

If you want to share your life stories, tell me something riveting. I am not interested in seeing what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



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