The final round of Brain Game: Vote now!

The final round of Brain Game: Vote now!


Every Thursday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published ANONYMOUSLY in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive a set of six one-day adult tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland, worth more than HK$2,000.

The Contestants

Which answer do you like BEST? Vote below.

This round we asked: If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen?

Contestant 1

I would like to see how the dinosaurs died out. There are dozens of theories to explain this event, but it would be fascinating to watch what happened with my own eyes.

There is now widespread evidence that an asteroid impact was at least partly responsible for the dinosaurs becoming extinct. But I am not really convinced. I would like to see what really happened.

The real reason might be people from the future, who went back in time to witness the meteorite slamming into Earth, and killed all the dinosaurs to protect themselves. Or maybe a famine broke out and all the dinosaurs starved to death. We may never know the truth about the mass die-off since no one actually saw what happened.

After I'd witnessed the "tragedy" with my own eyes, I could tell the world how dinosaurs were wiped out from the planet. That kind of knowledge would be very valuable for scientists who are seeking to make the Earth a better place for humans, plants, and animals.

Since watching the film Jurassic Park, I'd always wanted to know how the massive beasts became extinct. If I knew the reason, we could prevent the same thing from happening to endangered animals, like the elephants, rhinos, pandas, tigers and lions. This way, we could live in harmony with nature, without worrying about animals and plants disappearing from the planet forever. Then we could move on to tackle other pressing issues, such as world peace.

Contestant 2

Usually a history student like me would choose to personally witness important events such as the first and second world wars, or the Cold War. But I am different. I would like to pick a smaller incident - the killing in 1993 of a couple, a Serb and a Muslim, as they tried to flee to safety over Vrbanja Bridge during the long siege of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Serbian Bosko Brkic and his long-time girlfriend Admira Ismic, both 25, were shot dead by snipers - then left lying in a final embrace for several days on the bridge. They were victims of the bloody conflict in former Yugoslavia between Serbs and Bosnian Muslims.

The couple, friends since school, loved each other, and were determined to stay together. As they had friends on both sides of the war, they hoped to escape safely from the city. But it was not to be. They were killed as they crossed the bridge. Bosko was killed instantly, while Admira crawled over to him and died with her arm around him.

I would like to witness this event personally because it inspired me.

Living in such difficult times, the couple did not split up for safety's sake. It took a lot of bravery to stay together, and they taught us a valuable lesson: we should never give up, despite the tough challenges we face in our lives. We should be brave like them and treasure what we have. To have personally witnessed this sad event would serve as a lesson, not just for me, but for everyone.

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