The Avengers Protocol (animation)

The Avengers Protocol (animation)


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Photo: Disney XD
What's better than an Avengers animated show? Two Avengers animated shows! The Disney XD channel in the US has added a second animated show based on the wildly popular Marvel comic book, so you can bet your bottom dollar that the show will be making a big splash in Hong Kong soon.

The show opens with Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, monitoring his friends' battles across the globe and talking to his AI assistant Jarvis, bemoaning the fact that the Avengers were disbanded. Suddenly his computers alert him to the possibility of Captain America's demise at the hands of The Red Skull. Jet-booting his way to help Cap out, Iron Man gets there too late, and finds himself in trouble when the genetically modified monster Modok disables his suit, allowing the pair of evildoers to escape.

With Captain America gone, there's only one thing Tony can do: assemble the Avengers to avenge Cap's death.

The new show has a somewhat different line-up from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, adding The Black Widow and Falcon to the usual mix.

So far only the two-part The Avengers Protocol has been shown, and I hope more will come soon. So when it does air in Hong Kong, you can assemble your own avengers.

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