Happy doing her own thing

Happy doing her own thing

On her second all-original album, Taiwanese star Joanna Wang continues to explore music other than the jazz sounds of her first few albums. Galaxy Crisis: The Strangest Midnight Broadcast seems to be inspired by her childhood, set to a soundtrack of retro video games sounds and old TV show tunes.

As with previous album The Adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy, Wang displays colourful storytelling. Coins is a fun, light tune told from a spoiled brat's point of view as she boasts of her wealth and power. In Remote Control, Wang tells the rather violent tale of two brothers fighting over a remote control. But her whimsical vocals and playful, synthesized music detract from the gory madness of the track.

Her soulful vocals return in You and Me as her bossa nova style blends seamlessly with 8-bit video game sounds. The lyrics are disappointingly lacking, though - it's the same eight lines repeated over and over again.

On first listen, Galaxy Crisis may leave listeners scratching their heads - the music is somewhat undefinable. But it's a grower - the more you listen, the more impressed you'll be by her vocal range as she transports you into her fantasy world.

YP Rating: 3/5

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