Pinky 'isn't suicidal'

Pinky 'isn't suicidal'

Ocean Park reassures worried Hongkongers who expressed concern over one of the resident dolphins' behaviour


Pinky appears to slam herself against the wall of her pool.
Pinky appears to slam herself against the wall of her pool.
Ocean Park denied that Pinky, its 14-year-old Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin, was trying to kill herself. The claim had been triggered by a video that went public on Facebook showing Pinky apparently slamming herself against a pool wall. It led Civic Party lawmaker Claudia Mo Man-ching to ask police to investigate whether the animal had been abused.

A spokesperson for Ocean Park told Young Post that Pinky had been jumping close to the side of the pool since she was young and occasionally bumped into it. When she was young, she that by splashing close to the side of the pool while flicking her tail, she could trigger an infrared intruder alarm located close to the pool.

When the alarm was triggered, the park's staff would rush to the pool side, which caused the dolphin to repeat her behaviour. Since 1999, the alarm has been disconnected and staff kept watch over Pinky at night to keep her calm.

"We continue to work towards modifying [Pinky's] behaviour by further implementing enrichment programmes and new social groupings," she said. "Pinky is now 14 and has a nine-month-old calf. Both dolphins are doing well," she added.

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