Super-cool rainy days

Super-cool rainy days

Yeah, yeah, we know it's sunny now. But the first black rainstorm of the year was last week, and you know it won't be the last. We asked our readers for their favourite things to do on a rainy day

1. Soaking in a bath

Rainy days are perfect for a nice warm bath. Listening to the rain drops pitter-patter on the window while soaking in bubbly bath water is very relaxing. This is the perfect way to soak, without getting soaked!

Limbu Laxmi, 16

2. Singing in the rain

It's always fun to dance in the rain with an umbrella, singing Singin' in the Rain or Rihanna's Umbrella with my friends - On My Own alone.

Jade Lam, 16

3. Flying away

I love to watch Doctor Who while cuddling with my dogs. I make a blanket fort around a window and watch the rain fall as I travel through time and space.

Hudson Hilliard, 16

4. Doing a rain dance

Although rain dances are usually performed to make it rain, I dance to make it stop!

Ruthie Kim, 15

5. Misty art

I like to draw pictures on the misty French windows in my apartment's lobby. All I need are my fingers and my creativity!

Heidi Kwan, 16

6. Filming in the rain

I like to go out with my friends and film music videos, like Adam Lambert's Soaked, with my waterproof video recorder.

Ruby Leung, 16

7. Pick up Young Post

If I'm stuck at home because of the rain, I guess one thing I could do is answer Young Post's Top 10!

Kate Ng, 17

8. Jolly with a brolly

I open my beautiful rainbow-coloured umbrella and carry it around without looking weird! I can also wear a long trench coat and turn up the collars, as if I was Sherlock Holmes. Rainy days are for looking cool.

Michelle Fasching, 15

9. Watching raindrops

When it's rainy, I love to watch the raindrops race each other down my window pane and guess which one will win.

Claron Niu, 16

10. Rainy escapades

I enjoy re-enacting cool and dramatic rainy movie scenes! My favourite is when Andy finally escapes in The Shawshank Redemption!

John Lee, 20

Next week:

Having had thunderstorms, a black rainstorm and even a tornado, at this rate we should build our own storm shelters! If you could only bring one item with you to your storm shelter, what would it be? Send your response, together with your name, age and school, to



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