Ukip is lost cause

Ukip is lost cause

There's a new contender in British politics - or it seems like it following local council elections in England, where the UK Independence Party, or Ukip, made significant gains early this month. The rebel party got 25 per cent of the votes on average in areas where it fielded candidates. Party leader Nigel Farage called the result a "game changer". Is it?

The ruling Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition has long faced criticism for its policies and U-turns, from health care to education to foreign policy. Voters' distrust of the faltering European Union helps partly explain the rise of Ukip. The party wants Britain to leave the EU. Farage, a member of the European Parliament, is a famous Euro-sceptic.

Yet Ukip itself has been mired in scandals. Its policy manifesto is deemed by critics as a messy mash-up of ideas. The party may have little staying power.



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