Hands-on with special critters

Hands-on with special critters

Students will have a chance this summer to get up close with rare aquatic animals and precious polar species in one of the city's favourite theme parks.

Hong Kong Ocean Park will offer educational workshops for young people to learn about its animals and ways to protect them. Participants in the Honorary Polar Animals Keeper programme will help look after penguins. They will also work with snowy owls, arctic foxes and two big walruses.

"Walruses' favourite foods are squids, scallops, and herring," trainer Lily Hui Lai-yan said.

Students aged 11 to 15 can join the park's five-day course to learn about dolphins. The course will also give young participants a chance to volunteer in activities to help save horseshoe crabs' habitats.

The park's spokesman said education programmes would also be offered to underprivileged students and invited schools to apply.

For more information, visit Ocean Park's websites at opahk.oceanpark.com.hk and at summerschool.oceanpark.com.hk.



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