Likeable lessons

Likeable lessons

Are you tired of studying the same old things? Do you wish there was a course you really liked, or simply something different? We asked our readers what subjects they wish their schools would offer

1. We're always told that we are all special. In this class, we would try to find our own special superpowers! Pass only when you find them!

Karina Lai, 14

2. Chill classes. We would cue up relaxing music, put on our sunglasses and chill. Not only is it a great way to practise chilling out, it would be a great study break!

Annie Lau, 16

3. The art of belly rubbing. People should brush up on their belly-rubbing techniques, and who's a better guinea pig (or dog) to practise your belly rubbing on than me!

Dennis Goodboy

4. I would make Klingon a language option at school. It's very important to know how to converse like a nerd when one goes to Comic-Con.

Jade Lam, 16

5. SOAP 101. Soap smells irresistibly lovely. It would be cool if we had a soap-making course to experiment with fragrances. The lab would be filled with soapy scents.

Ruby Leung, 16

6. The video game industry is super-competitive, so the best video game testers are needed to make sure that the games are playable and fun! We should have practice classes to help us with our future careers as first-rate video game testers.

John Kim, 17

7. Detectives for Dummies. We'll have mock crime scenes as practical work and exams on the different blood splatter patterns! Even if you don't want to be the next Sherlock Holmes, at the very least you'll learn to be more observant and logical!

Joyce Chan Ler-sze, 17

8. Survival training course. As a hardcore fan, I would be delighted if there was a course exactly like the ones in Hunger Games. We could learn skills in weaponry, combat training, camouflage, and more. Everyone could be The Girl Who Was On Fire or The Boy With The Bread.

Michelle Ho, 15

9. Everyone knows that you need enough sleep to be productive and for optimum learning. With everyone sleep-deprived at home, afternoon naps should be essential in schools! We'll be graded on how long we can snooze for. Finally, a subject I can ace!

Rue Kang, 19

10. "Cool" courses. Learn how to smash through walls, walk away from explosions without looking back, dodge bullets and save the world! A compulsory class for boys!

Nicholas Wong, 13

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