Tangled web of love and action

Tangled web of love and action

Korean drama A Company Man tells the story of Hyeong-do (So Ji-sub), who has been working for 10 years as an assassin for a contract killing firm that masquerades as a metal trading company in Seoul.

One day, the straight-faced Hyeong-do is assigned to a job with a newbie, Hun (Kim Dong-jun), whom he is supposed to kill afterwards. But young Hun reminds Heyong-do of himself in his younger days, and for the first time, Hyeong-do disobeys his company and hides Hun. He even agrees to help him pass on the money Hun saved for his family.

As Hyeong-do visits Hun's family, it turns out Hun's mother Mi-yeon (Lee Mi-youn) is the former hit singer Heyong-do worshipped as a teenager. The warm-hearted Mi-yeon gives Hyeong-do a taste of family life, and he falls for her, and hopes to start a new, "normal" life with her.

But leaving the company is not as easy as it seems, especially when the bosses discover that Hyeong-do didn't kill Hun as ordered. Heyong-do finds himself being hunted down by his own colleagues, putting himself and Mi-yeon's family in danger.

The film's love story and the intense action are well balanced, and it is touching to see the hero's gradual change of heart.

A combination of a captivating story, great stunts and brilliant acting, A Company Man is a real treat.

YP Rating: 3/5

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