Gliding back into the spotlight

Gliding back into the spotlight

It's been five years since we heard anything new from British singer/songwriter Dido. After concentrating on being a mother for a while, she's back with Girl Who Got Away, teaming up once again with her brother and producer, Rollo Armstrong.

As with earlier albums, this one incorporates many electronic elements. While this works for some tracks (Girl Who Got Away - a soft, upbeat tune to chill out to), it contradicts itself in others.

End of Night could have been a nice dance track, but Dido's mellow vocals keep you seated.

Her voice sounds a lot more at home in No Freedom, a folksy acoustic number. Her version of a stadium anthem, you can definitely picture crowds singing along to the empowering chorus, waving their phones and hands.

Let Us Move On offers a glimpse of what Dido's songs could sound like if the pace was stepped up. The soft hip hop beats give you something to tap your feet to and were put to good use in the rap verses by Kendrick Lamar - one of the most sought-after rappers on the music scene today.

She's been away for a while, but Dido's vocals are still flawless. It's just a shame there's nothing more energetic.

YP Rating: 2/5

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