Script: Listening Exercise 178

Script: Listening Exercise 178


Voice: Form six student Kate has decided to get a weekend job to earn a some extra money. Today, she has an interview for the position of part-time assistant in the local branch of a famous chain of coffee shops.

Manager: Why do you feel that you are a good candidate for this job?

Kate: Because I’m responsible, mature, reliable, and a hard worker. And this is a job that involves working with the public, and I am very much a people person. I like meeting new people of all ages and all backgrounds, and I get on very well with others.

Manager: I know you are a student, but do you have any previous experience in this type of work?

Kate: This is the first job I’ve ever applied for. But I’m regular customer at coffee shops all over the city, including your chain, and I have observed how your employees do their jobs. I did a month’s work experience from school last year. This was in a bookshop, so I have done a bit of sales and customers’ service.

Manager: What would you say is one of your greatest strengths?

Kate: I’m a good listener, and I have a lot of patience. I think the assistant manager of the bookshop where I worked may have said that in her reference. She told me that I had to mention this as one of my strengths.

Manager: She did, yes. Now, none of us is perfect. Be quite honest, and tell me about one of your weaknesses.

Kate: Oh, I’m a perfectionist and I always have to make sure that what I am doing is spot on. And this sometimes takes a lot of time. I think this is important, especially when doing something for another person, but it can make people inpatient. Some members of my family and friends criticise me for this.

Manager: The present position is for work on Saturday mornings and afternoons and Sunday afternoons and evenings. Would you be able to work other shifts if asked to?

Kate: That would depend on my study and school commitments. But if I am given enough notice and am available, I would certainly be willing to work at other times.

Manager: Tell me how you would handle a difficult customer. For example, a customer says you have given him the wrong change but you know very well that the money you gave him back was correct.

Kate: I would politely listen to the customer’s complaint without interrupting them, and then try to help them solve the problem. If I knew that it was my fault, I would admit this and apologise.

Manager: All our employees here have to work together as a team. Tell me how you would deal with working with someone who you don’t like.

Kate: I get along well with people, and don’t think that problem would arise.

Manager: I’ve told you what tasks you would be expected to do in this job. Which of those particularly appeals to you?

Kate: I know I would really enjoy working behind the counter taking orders and directly advising or helping customers face to face.

Manager: Would you have any problems getting to work for the early shift or getting home when the evening shift ends at 11.00?

Kate: I live three streets away from here, so getting here early or leaving late would not be a problem.

Manager: And Finally, why should I hire you and not one of the other young candidates who have applied for the job?

Kate: Because I have a positive attitude, and I think I would genuinely enjoy the job and would work very hard and efficiently. And as I have mentioned a couple of times, I get on very well with people. And I love coffee!


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