Powerful but uneven quality

Powerful but uneven quality

Bon Jovi has been in the music business for decades - What About Now is the 12th chapter in the rock band's story. The band retains its strong, powerful style that made them so popular in the past, and lead singer Jon Bon Jovi's voice, although aged, remains stellar in its delivery.

The album starts off with a bang. Because We Can is an inspirational track that typifies the band's more recent songs. It's fresh and invigorating, reflecting the direction the band has been trying to take.

The title track is the strongest here, so it's no surprise it was picked for the album name. It's a stripped-down blend of guitar and Bon Jovi's characteristic voice.

This new approach is clear on the other tracks, too. A calmer, more soothing vibe shows itself towards the end of the playlist with tracks like The Fighter and Room at the End of the World. The songs are missing the distinguishing noise and character of Bon Jovi classics, but they still have an interesting dynamic worth a listen.

Overall though, What About Now lacks the quality that we expect from Bon Jovi. Individual songs are good, but there's nothing to rival the iconic status of It's My Life or Livin' On a Prayer.

YP Rating: 3/5

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Jade Lam


For its musical merits, I think that this album definitely deserves a 4/5. In interviews, Jon Bon Jovi said that in this album the band focused more on delivering a positive message than the actual music. However, some of the tunes are simply sublime and, although deviate from the classic rock genre