Price of independence

Price of independence

Even if you keep super-busy at university, you may still end up with the feeling that you are missing out on something - something you have left behind at home.

I mean family, of course. Studying abroad separates you from your loved ones. You begin to miss what seemed like trivial things before, such as watching TV together.

So if you plan on studying abroad, be warned: don't be fooled by the thought of finally becoming fully independent, because independence comes at a price. Although you learn to cope with homesickness over time, you never overcome the feeling.

Technology has made it so much easier to keep in contact with loved ones, but nothing can beat a solid hug or having breakfast together in comfortable silence. Being in touch on Skype is just not the same as being near each other.

Steven Furtick, a pastor and New York Times bestselling author, has noted that "Gratitude begins where my sense of entitlement ends". Very well said, that. We should never take good things for granted.

We need to learn to cherish all our moments with loved ones. We should not shy away from showing our appreciation of people who are near and dear to us.



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