Dead to learning

Dead to learning

The pass rate for the Chinese section of last year's Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education examination was so low, students called it the "Paper of Death". They have called for test questions in the exams to be based on articles which were covered in class, rather than unseen pieces.

But the idea of the exam is not to test memory, but general skills. And at the crux of this, is motivating students to learn.

Young people are not supposed to be forced to study; they should want to do so. Learning is its own motivation, and without the right attitude, students are dead as learners. Dead students are just exam takers; they won't benefit from anything other than a grade.

Students without the correct attitude towards learning are a lost cause, and the exams simply show that. And compelling them is never the right way.

As a student, it is crucial to understand that learning is for your own good. Why be so short-sighted? Why focus only on examinations? Wake up!

But wait, stupid me, why am I shouting at the dead?



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