... But is local media free?

... But is local media free?

Tomorrow is World Press Freedom Day, when we look at how free the media is throughout the world. Young Post asked readers to answer an online poll to find out if they read the news and what they know about press freedom.

Out of 100 responses, 92 said they read the news, with 44 getting it from newspapers and/or magazines, 28 from websites, and 16 from social media. As for freedom of the press, 92 per cent of respondents knew what it meant.

A whopping 98 per cent said it is important.

We also asked whether readers thought Hong Kong's media was free. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being completely censored and 10 being completely free, only 2 per cent of respondents thought it was completely free, 30 per cent gave it a 7 and 28 per cent gave it an 8.



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