You're looking good!

You're looking good!

We asked you to suggest some great things to wear, or carry with you, so that you'll always look stylish

1. Handy hamsters

Instead of carrying puppies in purses, carry hamsters instead! They're smaller and easier to carry - and so much cuter!

Noel Chan, 15

2. Dental braces

Many people wear braces to straighten their teeth and improve dental health. To ensure people don't feel embarrassed by them, why not design some cool accessories for braces? Golden wires and sparkling diamonds are what I'm looking forward to!

Tacye Hong, 15

3. Skinny designs

Tattoo stickers! They're much easier to put on - and obviously take off - than the real thing!

Suko Wan, 18

4. Opera gloves

If Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe wore them, then they must be stylish!

Lily Chan, 16

5. Fashion-forward masks

Wearing a mask is an extra precaution against flu. But with different colours and decorations, it can look nice, too!

Wong Ka-shing, 15

6. Expanding bags

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Hermione Granger put an extension charm on her bag to carry supplies for herself, Harry and Ron during their hunt for the Horcruxes. That's exactly what's missing in the Muggle World. If we could put unlimited supplies in a small bag, how convenient would life be?

Ruby Leung, 16

7. Dog collars

They look great on me, so I'm sure they'll look great on people, too!

Dennis Goodboy

8. Groovy grins

Rather like nail polish, we could decorate our teeth using different colours and jewels. It would give an extra excuse to smile more!

Wendy Lee, 14

9. Beautiful Mother Nature

A diamond-encrusted gold necklace may look nice (and be very expensive!), but a necklace made of flowers would not only look nice, but also be environmentally friendly - and smell amazing!

Jasmine Lam Tsz-huen, 14

10. Wellies!

Wearing a pair of Wellington boots means not only will you be prepared for when the rain comes, but they look really cute, too. Just look at Paddington Bear!

Rue Kang, 18

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