Rumble box: Summer vs Winter

Rumble box: Summer vs Winter

In this week's Rumble Box, Mabel Sieh and John Kang are engaged in an argument about Summer vs Winter.


First of all, welcome to the world of Rumble Box, John! But I have to say, regrettably, this is a hard one for you to win. I mean, who doesn't like summer and actually prefers winter? It's almost like choosing misery over joy. Summer is the time to go out and play under the sun. Just thinking about it now makes me happy!

Summer weather is a natural boost to your energy and mood. Ask any doctor and they will tell you sunlight is good for you - as long as you don't forget to wear sunscreen. Sunlight is a source of Vitamin D, which is essential for your body. Harvard Medical School researchers have found that Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to higher risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

But let's talk about activities in the summer: you can go on a hike while enjoying Hong Kong's spectacular scenery; go cycling and feel the breeze on your face; or go for a cooling swim. But you almost certainly wouldn't think about doing those things in the winter, when all you want to do is stay warm and cosy at home, right?

Summer is also the best time to go on holiday. Why? It's the perfect weather! And you don't have to stuff your thick scarf and heavy coat into your suitcase, either. Shorts, T-shirts, swimmers, and you're done.

So stay out of your misery, John, and join me in the sun! Again, welcome to Rumble Box and sorry to say this on your debut outing, but there's no way you're winning!

Mabel Sieh


It's not even summer yet and I'm already sick of this hot and humid weather. Just last night, I was woken up by a mosquito and spent the rest of the night looking for it. In the summer, that will happen every day.

Summer is bad, and Hong Kong summers are the worst! It's either raining with typhoons, cancelling all your plans, or the mercury climbs above 30 degrees with 100 per cent humidity, and all you're doing is standing in front of the air con.

Being squished and squashed by strangers on the MTR is bad enough when it's cool out, but in the summer you have their stench and sweat too. Thank goodness everyone in Hong Kong is so clean.

Hong Kong is hot and humid, you're hot and sweaty, and all you hear are the cicadas and mosquitoes. With one hand you're swatting the bugs away, and with the other you're scratching where they bit you. Welcome to summer.

In the winter, sure it's cold, but that's a great thing! I work best in winter because in the cold, all I can think about is the work in front of me. But in the summer, all I can think about is whether that sound I just heard was a mosquito.

The best moments in life are during winter, too. There's Christmas, spreading joy and love (oh, and getting gifts, of course), and we also get to start a fresh new year. Though your nose and ears may be cold, your hands and heart are warm with hot chocolate, love, and other delights. It's cold outside and you've had a long day, but you're all warm and cosy, wrapped up in a blanket indoors.

Sorry, Mabel, but I'd rather be wrapped up and warm in winter, than be sweating and swatting during summer. Winter for the win!

John Kang

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