Day of fun with mum

Day of fun with mum

Two junior reporters took their mothers along for a special preview of Mother's Day activities at Hong Kong Disneyland. Lunch and detective work were included


The two mother-daughter teams celebrate Mother's Day at Hong Kong Disneyland during a special tour of the park.
The two mother-daughter teams celebrate Mother's Day at Hong Kong Disneyland during a special tour of the park.
Photos: May Tse/SCMP
Mother's Day is drawing near. Two of our junior reporters and their mums got an exclusive preview of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel's Mother's Day Lunch Menu at Crystal Lotus (available on May 4, 5, 11 and 12). After lunch, they took part in the Star Guest Programme (which runs until May 19), where they had the chance to explore the amusement park and sample its surprises ...

Judy Tam with daughter Tacye Hong (left) and Janet Tam Ka-wing with mum Candy Fung Yuk-lin at lunch

The Mother's Day Lunch Menu had eight courses (yes, eight!), but my favourite dish was the "Dim Sum Delight". It consisted of a shrimp dumpling, abalone and pork dumpling, and a turnip cake. The dumplings were placed in a cute little bamboo steamer, which was just big enough for all the dumplings. The shrimp dumpling was a large sea shrimp wrapped with bamboo shoots. It had a layer of see-through wheat starch on the outside. The texture was spongy and fun to eat. The abalone and pork dumpling was great, too, with the abalone sitting nicely on top of the dumpling. Then came the turnip cake, which was crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. I could chew the turnip slices in the cake! It ensured a happy ending to a delicious dish. Yummy!

Janet Tam

Janet (left) engages in some fun activity with her mother at Hong Kong Disneyland.

When I was younger, my mum used to take me to Disneyland every week, but it's been years since we last went there. Now thanks to Young Post, I had the chance to visit Disneyland again - and as a bonus, this time I was taking my mother!

After lunch, we received our Star Appreciation Packs at the park. The packs included a decoder for hunting down appreciation messages around the park, a map, and stickers of Disney characters. The messages were hidden in pixilated pictures of Monster Inc. friends and Disney heroines. We felt like a real detective trying to decode clues to solve a mystery.

We made our way through the park and played games with guests and members of another team.

I had a magical day with my mum at Disneyland. I hope she liked this early Mother's Day present!

Tacye Hong

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