Exam 'radio' storm

Exam 'radio' storm

A leading tutor causes an uproar with his comment

A chain tutorial school teacher's comment on using "aggressive" radio devices that supposedly interfered with other students during a listening exam has sparked outrage on the internet.

The post appeared on the Facebook page of Karson Oten Van Karno, aka K. Oten, an All-Star Education English tutor, on Tuesday.

It read: "Many students told me today that when they took their Chinese listening exam, they used All-Star 'Powerful Radio'. At least three students [around them] were sent to the special room."

The post was later deleted, but was followed by another post saying that no one should be blamed for candidates who had bad receptions as they were probably using unstable radio devices.

One Facebook user, Sally Mok, commented on the second post. She said that using better-quality radios was acceptable so long as they did not affect other exam-takers.

But tutor K. Oten said the two sentences in his first post were not related, and that he was being misunderstood.

"It is scientifically impossible [for the radio device to interfere with other students' reception]. What I meant was our radio was more stable," he said. "I think some students probably didn't do well in the exam and took it out on my post."

The tutor also said the misunderstanding could stem from the Chinese name of the radio device. In Chinese, the name implied an aggressive radio device. "I've been a bit agitated because I was misunderstood," he said.

K. Oten posted an apology on his Facebook page about 20 minutes before his phone interview with Young Post. "I've got a lot of enquiries from the media. That's why I apologised. But I'm a bit unhappy," the English tutor said.



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