Different strokes for all folks

Different strokes for all folks

Known for their raw, garage-band sound, The Strokes are back with their fifth studio album, Comedown Machine - still chilled, but with surprising new elements, such as lead singer Julian Casablancas' fresh and appealing use of falsetto.

Opening track Tap Out features these seldom-heard-before vocals, along with some well-crafted guitar riffs.

If you want something really out of this world, One Way Trigger is your track. Kicking off with an '80s-disco-esque intro, the song slowly progresses into the band's famous rock sound, and of course those falsetto vocals again.

Sticking to the same decade, 80s Comedown Machine could be the best track on the album, thanks to its easy-listening yet hypnotic melody.

Loyal fans will welcome Partners in Crime and Welcome to Japan, for their more familiar sound.

It may be too early to say if Comedown Machine is indicative of a new sound for The Strokes; but its adventurous, experimental nature makes it worth a listen.

YP Rating: 4/5

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