Mushibugyo (anime)

Mushibugyo (anime)

Giant rampaging insects are terrorising the poor, helpless citizens of Edo in the new anime Mushibugyo, and only super-skilled warriors can defeat them.

The story follows the adventures of rookie samurai Jinbee in 17th-century Edo, a city plagued by man-eating giant monsters, although sadly Godzilla is not a part of this show. Jinbee is a new recruit to a special unit tasked with killing the bugs and protecting the citizens of Edo. As skilled as Jinbee is with a katana, he has no experience of dealing with such monsters, and the veteran unit members dismiss him as a country bumpkin who's in over his head and will be dead after the first mission.

The anime is based on the manga created and illustrated by Hiroshi Fukuda, a student of Kazuhiro Fujita, creator of Ushio and Tora and Bakegyamon. Hiroshi's original Mushibugyo ran for a year, generating three volumes. A second series, Joju Senjin!! Mushibugyo, started in 2011 and is ongoing, with nine volumes published to date.

Will Jinbee make it as a giant bug killer? Will he be able to protect the citizens, his teammates and loved ones? Catch the show on or wait for it to slice and dice its way onto your favourite local anime channel.


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