Script: Listening Exercise 174

Script: Listening Exercise 174

ROOM 101

Voice 1: Room 101 is a popular TV programme in which three celebrity guests discuss their pet hates and try to persuade the host to banish them forever into Room 101. The idea for the show comes from George Orwell's famous novel '1984' that features a room numbered and hundred and one where bad things are kept.

Host: Welcome to 'Room 101'. Could my first guest tell me what (s)he would like to get rid of forever into Room 101.

Guest 1: The first thing I'd like to put into Room 101 is completely useless. It's something the world would be better off without. I want to put the tea bag into Room 101. Tea is a delicious drink and it's easy to make. You put tea leaves in a pot and pour boiling water onto them. The ‘bag’ part is just a waste of paper. All tea bags should go into Room 101 and never be seen again.

Host: And what's the second thing you'd like to see the back of?

Guest 1: E-books. I hate them. They are awful. Books are wonderful and when I hear that bookshops are closing down because e-books are becoming so popular, I get depressed. I read recently that more e-books were sold last year than real books. That's terrible. Before real books disappear, e-books should be banished to Room 101.

Host: Now, my second guest.

Guest 2: Is there anything worse than sitting in a cinema next to someone who’s eating? Why do people go to the cinema to eat? You’re there to watch, not munch. It’s really off putting to sit next to someone who is noisily eating popcorn or chomping on a smelly hot-dog while you're watching a film. All cinema food should go into Room 101.

Host: And your next object please.

Guest 2: All unnecessary food packaging. Why do we need the food we buy to be wrapped up so much? Cereal, for example. The cereal I buy is in a packet inside a box. That's a waste! Supermarkets and food manufacturers should look carefully at packaging. We shouldn’t waste resources like this. All wasteful food packaging into Room 101!

Host: And my final guest.

Guest 3: What I’d like to put into Room 101 is a person not a thing. I’d like to get rid of assistants in clothes shops who come and stand next to you or follow you around as you are looking at things. I’ve walked out of lots of shops because an assistant has approached me and not left me to look around in peace. It is so annoying to have someone breathing down your neck while you’re browsing. All shop assistants who bother shoppers should go into Room 101 and stay there.

Host: And the final candidate for Room 101 tonight is?

Guest 3: Plastic bottles! I hate them! What’s wrong with a bottle made of glass? Or an aluminum can! Plastic bottles are so environmentally unfriendly! All drinks and other liquids should be sold in receptacles that can be easily recycled. I’d love to put all plastic bottles into Room 101 and never see one of these dreadful things again.

Host: There we have our six candidates for Room 101 tonight. But only one can go into our special room. Which shall I choose? Let me think! And the pet hate that goes into Room 101 tonight is … cinema food. Let’s make cinemas food - and drink-free zones, and then we can all enjoy the film in comfort. Thank you for watching. And good night.


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