How to collect your thoughts

How to collect your thoughts

We asked you to tell us your favourite ways to get focused and efficient when you need to swot up

1. Chew gum

It's so easy to fall asleep while doing revision (who doesn't?). But chewing on gum, especially the mint flavoured ones, keeps my mind, body (and my breath) fresh!

Chan Lok-lam, 14

2. Sweet satisfaction

You can give yourself extra incentive to finish reading a chapter by rewarding yourself with sweets afterwards.

Joyce Xu, 21

3. Loud and clear

One of the quirky things I do to study is read aloud, but in different accents. I love doing accents, so I will read The Great Gatsby in a posh American accent, and I will read my German history in a German accent. It also amuses anyone who's listening.

Jade Lam, 16

4. Be a night owl

Study at night. I - and I'm sure most of us - procrastinate until late at night, so I might as well embrace this fact and play in the morning, and study like crazy at night!

Heidi Kwan, 16

5. Focus on podcasts

Instead of listening to distracting music with lyrics that don't make sense, why not listen to some educational podcasts instead? These are especially useful for learning foreign languages.

Cassandra Lee, 20

6. Lyrical notes

I turn my examination notes into lyrics, which is definitely an easier, much more fun way to remember things!

Sabrina Lau, 14

7. Puppy study buddy

After studying my notes, I teach my puppy about what I studied. Not only does it refresh my mind about the topic and highlight what I need to look at again, it's a great excuse to spend some time with my pet.

Mizuki Nishiyama, 14

8. Listen to an audiobook

Reading along to a book while listening to the audiobook version is great for studying. Listening is way better than reading. There are loads of free audiobooks available in the Naxos Spoken Word Library on the Hong Kong Public Library website. Check them out!

Ruby Leung, 16

9. Lock into music

Simply lock yourself in your room, and disconnect everything except your iPod. Listening to music definitely helps with studying. Don't worry about us not being able to concentrate with the music on. We girls are great at multitasking!

Karina Lai

10. Have a stretch

After finishing every chapter of my textbook, I stretch. It keeps both my mind and body refreshed, and it feels great!

Jessie Pang, 17

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