Layered with flavour

Layered with flavour

1. Cheese, cheese, and more cheese! I am a huge fan of cheese. Can you tell?!

Nola Yip

2. I would create a burger with stuffed eggplant - the most popular street food in Hong Kong. Maybe it's not "classic", but it's classic Hong Kong style!

Heidi Kwan

3. I would make a burger out of cloth - Ivy League preppy style! I've been into fashion design for a while and the vibes have just spread to Young Post's Top 10!

Cassandra Lee

4. I would put French fries and melted cheese in between the two buns, so people would experience different textures while eating. Or I would put ice cream inside - warm buns, cold filling!

Ng Yuen-tung

5. I'm a big fan of Willy Wonka's three-course-meal gum idea, so my burger would be like that. There would be salad on top; cheese, veggies and meat in the middle; and dessert below.

Janice Lee

6. My classic burger would be a combination of my two favourites: mushroom and cheese. I would pile as much cheese as possible between two big mushrooms which would act as the "buns".

Winnie Lee

7. A dessert burger! Panna cotta "buns", lime jelly "lettuce", rhubarb sauce, crushed meringue and chocolate shavings.

Jade Lam

8. Classic burgers are great, but I would love to have a prawn curry burger with cheese sauce and - wait for it! - banana ice cream on top.

Cherry Wu

9. I would mix potato chips with Thousand Island dressing. To make sure the potato chips stay crispy, I wouldn't add any "wet" veggies - just a little lettuce.

Kan Hei-lam

10. How about an innocent-looking chilli burger? Patrons would get a note inside, just like those in mooncakes and fortune cookies, saying "A chilli a day keeps the doctor away". This would be both classy and exciting!

Jack Mak

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