Experiments aren't always wise

Experiments aren't always wise

Back to Wonderland is Khalil Fong Dai-tung's sixth original album. Maybe he's resting on his laurels, but it opens with less of a bang than you'd hope. His jazzy crooning is repetitive to the point of boredom on the first track, Can You Feel The Music, which ends very abruptly.

We continue in this vein for several similar-sounding numbers; there's so little variety in the first half, the album title might have been better as "Back to Slumberland".

Things start to look up when Fong brings in some soul. Definition Of Love (關於愛的定義) is the refreshing break listeners will be desperately seeking, and the album continues on a more positive note. That said, some songs change tack mid-way, leaving the listener somewhat confused.

The album then suddenly breaks into rock, which is a very welcome change. The instrumentals are appealing (though the same cannot be said for the lyrics), and the strong rhythms compel you to move. Love Instantly (愛立刻) is a crowd pleaser with a sing-along melody, allowing Fong's voice to shine.

If you're not a jazz fan, there's not enough here to appeal, but the rock numbers have their merits, whatever your tastes.

YP Rating: 3/5

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