Let the magic reveal itself

Let the magic reveal itself

It's the start of another school year in the conservative small town of Gatlin, South Carolina. The new girl in class, Lena (Alice Englert), immediately draws Ethan's (Alden Ehrenreich) attention. It doesn't take long for him to discover Lena's true identity as a young witch, or as they preferred to be called, a "caster".

As a young caster, Lena is about to face the biggest day of her life. On her 16th birthday, she will be claimed by either the dark or the light side of magic. Uncle Macon is determined to protect her from any dark influence, even if that means destroying Lena and Ethan's budding love.

With a pair of star-crossed lovers, supernatural power and some hot young actors, Beautiful Creatures duly follows the same recipe that made the Twilight series popular.

But writer-director Richard LaGravenese shows a much better mastery of the genre, with witty humour and tight editing. There is even occasional social commentary on small town bigotry.

Leads Ehrenreich and Englert are relatively unheard of, but their on-screen chemistry is very enjoyable.

Beautiful Creatures is clearly what Twilight should have been.

YP Rating: 3/5

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