This week's Brain Game: Vote now!

This week's Brain Game: Vote now!


Every Thursday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published ANONYMOUSLY in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive a set of six one-day adult tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland, worth more than HK$2,000.


The Contestants

Which answer do you like BEST? Vote below.

This round we asked: I am a slogan and it says...

Contestant 1

"Believe in yourself, trust yourself and do what you think you should do."

It means that you should not hesitate before you do anything. It doesn't matter what happens next; what matters is that you did what you believed in. No one can take control of your actions or your thoughts. So when you are in a sticky situation, just do what you think you should do.

Contestant 2

"Weird is unique."

For someone who does not listen to music, hates soft drinks, and thinks pot-bellied pigs are the cutest animals on Earth, I probably fall under the "weird" category myself.

However, the word "weird" has a negative meaning, so let's go for "unique" instead. Life would be incredibly dull if we were all alike.

Remember: Some people are not "weird" - they are unique.

Contestant 3

"I Love You!"

Look around, and you'll find your teachers, friends and relatives you love - or should.

I definitely do. That's because my teachers help provide me with knowledge, my friends keep me company, and my relatives give me support. They are important to me so I'll tell them how I feel about them!

Contestant 4

"Kong kids? Don't be one."

The problem of children relying too much on their parents is a big one. It's the root cause of many social problems in our city, such as a lack of independence and discipline among young locals. To be the future leaders of our society, we should say no to becoming Kong kids!

Contestant 5

"East or West, studies are the best. North or South, playing can't be left out!"

How many of us have parents who tell us to study harder and get better grades - even though we know we are already trying our best? And how many of us want to have some free time for play, but aren't allowed to?

Well then, this is what we've been waiting for: a slogan that can remind our parents what our lives should be about.

Contestant 6

"You shout it out, but I can't hear a word you say."

Nowadays many people see rowdy protests as a way to gain attention for their cause. Their cries and shouts can become deafening.

Such loudness can result in an unending cycle of bitterness and negativity.

So let's all tone it down a bit.

Contestant 7

"Live fearlessly, not carelessly."

Being "young, wild and free" is the very definition of being a teenager. We all love to live on the wild side. Yet I feel this phrase is often used as a way of justifying our bad decisions.

"Live fearlessly, not carelessly" is my take on the issue. I want to have the strength to tackle obstacles head on and live on the edge but still make the right and responsible decisions.

Contestant 8

"Let bygones be bygones!''

What do we need? Simple: Motivation and determination. We face challenges every day. At times, we may feel we cannot cope with them. Sometimes, we may even make matters worse by giving up.

So you should not let past mistakes trouble you. It's time to forget about them and move forward!

Contestant 9

"Stand up tall, proud and ... ouch!"

I am 1.95 metres tall, which is a towering height for a 17-year-old. Well, being tall surely allows me to walk, well, tall while enjoying the fresher air up there.

Unfortunately, it also means I am constantly banging my head against low ceilings and stubbing my toes. No wonder I often cry "Ouch!"

Contestant 10

"I am who I am."

Every day we wake up hardly knowing what lies ahead. The world is changing so rapidly that we are short of breath just trying to keep up. Yeah, it may be cheesy to say "Just be yourself", but despite all the mad dash around us, we should always remember who we really are. Don't let life's obstacles or fears squash the beauty within you.

I am who I am, and this is how I want to live my life to the fullest.

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