It's all fun and games

It's all fun and games


Junior reporters Janet Tam (left) and Stephanie Lui in the stands during this year's Hong Kong Sevens.
Junior reporters Janet Tam (left) and Stephanie Lui in the stands during this year's Hong Kong Sevens.
Photos: Chris Lau/SCMP
Two weeks ago, our city was flooded with rugby fans from all over the world. The enthusiastic crowd flocked here to see the city's biggest annual rugby event - the Hong Kong Sevens.

Young Post sent some of its junior reporters to cover this exciting tournament. Despite the unpredictable weather, they live-tweeted results, and posted instant updates of the games on Facebook for us.

Some of them also got a chance to speak to former rugby players and members of the Hong Kong team. It was all fun and games at the Hong Kong Stadium.

Post-games chat with Team Hong Kong

Hong Kong team member Kwok Ka-chun speaks to YP

After the Bowl Final against England, Hong Kong's Kwok Ka-chun said: "It was a nerve-wracking tournament. Our performance was satisfactory in most of the matches - especially today. We beat two top teams - Argentina and the USA. This is a boost to our confidence, and helps us to be well-prepared for the London Sevens."

But Kwok pointed out that it had not been a smooth tournament all the way for the Hong Kong team this year. One of the key players was seriously injured at the beginning of the Sevens series. And the night before the final, some of the players came down with food poisoning.

"We have come so far, overcoming all these injuries and sicknesses," Kwok said. "We will now start training for the London Sevens, working on our strength and stamina. We hope to get into the top three."

Team captain Rowan Varty said: "We got seven out of 10 for our performance in the tournament. We can step it up and gain three more points."

Janet Tam

An annual rugby extravaganza

The Hong Kong Sevens kicked off on March 22 with thousands of rugby fans swarming to the Hong Kong Stadium for the event. Many of them were dressed in the colours of their favourite team and wrapped in their country's flag. Some spectators also wore fun costumes - such as those featuring famous children's book character Waldo and popular Nintendo heroes Mario and Luigi. There were also prisoners, sailors and nuns, to name just a few colourful outfits.

One of the highlights of day one of the Sevens was when the Hong Kong team took the field for the first time. The crowd cheered and screamed.

Volunteers held up a giant Hong Kong team shirt to show support for the players. It was full of cheerful messages and had been signed by local students, wishing the team good luck.

Jennifer Tang

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