Amnesia (anime)

Amnesia (anime)

Love and mystery are the settings for a new anime called Amnesia where the heroine must piece back her lost memories to stay alive.

It's August 4, and a young girl collapses while working in a restaurant. She wakes up a little while later in a breakroom to find that she has no memories of her past whatsoever. Our heroine has no idea who she is or who the people around her are.

The anime is based on a PlayStation Portable "Otome" game, where players take on the role of the female protagonist and interact with several male characters and hopefully develop a relationship with one of them.

As "Heroine" lies there, handsome young men come and make a fuss of her and all the while she has no idea who they are, and can't remember if she should know them. Adding to her predicament is a spirit called Orion that only she can see and hear.

The gallant young men take her home, and she hears Orion explain that her memory loss is his fault: when he travelled to our world, he accidentally bumped into her soul causing her amnesia.

But there are worrying consequences: if she doesn't interact with her friends and regain her lost memories, "Heroine" will eventually forget how to do everything, including such essential abilities as breathing.

Will our heroine recover her memories? Who will she fall in love with? If you want to know, don't forget to watch out for Amnesia on your favourite anime channel.


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