Old-fashioned family fun

Old-fashioned family fun


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Photo: DreamWorks Animation
There is a strict rule set by cave-family patriarch Grug Crood: "New is always bad. Never leave the cave!"

But Eep, the main character in The Croods, is a cave girl full of curiosity about the outside world. She sneaks out and meets Guy, a smart nomadic boy, who tells her the world is going to undergo a dramatic change. When it does, the family is forced to escape to the paradise called Tomorrow.

Throughout the Croods' adventure, they encounter strange and unfamiliar environments. Guy is not physically strong, but he makes up for that with his ideas and inventions, overcoming problems through sheer intelligence.

While Grug loves his family, he is overprotective and does not know how to express himself. He originally believes power is everything but then he realises his brain is important. He is willing to change, and his ideas help the Croods reach the land of Tomorrow in the nick of time.

Produced by DreamWorks Animation, The Croods features fascinating creatures and stunning landscapes. And while the family's old-fashioned thoughts make it hilarious, the film also focuses on impressive themes of family love and the importance of innovation.

The Croods are the first modern family in prehistoric times. Their story is a wild, funny, yet touching film for all ages.

YP Rating: 5/5

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