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At 16, Woody Allen bought his very first typewriter and he has never quite moved on from it. All of his New Yorker columns and screenplays - everything he ever wrote - were typed out using the little German machine. When he needs to cut and paste, like most of us would on computers, he brings out his scissors and staplers. "It's not very sophisticated," Allen says.

Woody Allen: A Documentary strings together peculiar anecdotes, and chronologically lays out Allen's career - from his earliest days as a stand-up comic to the recent surprise success of Midnight in Paris.

The film ticks all the boxes as an informative documentary, but it keeps a respectful distance from its subject. It avoids the more difficult questions on Allen's controversial marriages, offering few insights into the inner workings of the man. It is disappointing to see the great comedian come off as dry.

That being said, the clips from some of his movie classics are a joy to behold. There is also vintage footage of his early stand-up shows. For all the movie buffs out there, this documentary offers a lot to enjoy.

YP Rating: 3/5

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