Our readers have some fun suggestions as to how Hong Kong theme parks could offer cool twists on the upcoming Easter holiday

1. A parade featuring all the rabbits from Disney! The rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, and even the unnamed rabbits in Snow White, all giving out chocolate eggs to children, making Easter a real-life fantasy!

Stephanie Wai

2. An Easter egg-eating competition, but with a catch: contestants have to eat while on one of the rides! The idea of eating chocolate eggs on Ocean Park's The Dragon or The Abyss sounds exciting. Bring a vomit bag!

John Kim

3. A treasure hunt for Easter eggs could be organised. It would be just like the Easter Egg Roll organised by the White House, except it would be at one of Disneyland's castles.

Wendy Ki

4. How about a haunted Easter egg house? Visitors would have to hunt for Easter eggs, but be careful, the house is haunted!

Sharon Hui

5. An Easter egg race. Each egg gives you a clue to where the next egg is, and one by one the eggs will be collected. Winners get to meet the Easter Bunny!

Mimi Lam

6. How about a Mexican pinata, but in the shape of an Easter bunny instead of a donkey, and filled with chocolate eggs?

Tiffany Tang

7. All the famous rides should be redesigned in keeping with the festival - Eggcups (instead of Teacups), Easter Egg Mountain, The Egg-byss, and my favourite, Raging Chocolate River.

Carly Kwok

8. A field full of Easter bunnies for me to chase!

Dennis Goodboy

9. Since I love eating, it would be wonderful to make my very own Easter egg featuring all my favourite Disney characters. But after I finish making and eating my egg, I'm sure I'd have to spend lots of time in the gym!

Karina Lai

10. Convert all of Ocean Park into a huge Easter egg-hunting ground. Eggs could be anywhere, and we could use all the rides to find the eggs!

Anna Fisher

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