Young Post Teachers' Edition 2012-2013

Young Post Teachers' Edition 2012-2013

We're here to support you and your students as you get comfortable with the new syllabus

In this issue, you will see a selection of the many pages that Young Post will carry which are engineered for readers learning English as a second language. The favourites of Listening, Vocabulary and the NSS pages will provide oodles of material presented by our veteran British writer John Millen.

Even though the Liberal Studies exam was so well handled this year, we know it continues to be a stressful subject for many, and so we will continue to bring you around seven pages a week on the issues surrounding the news, and tips from the professionals on how to handle the questions.

We know that Young Post services a wide range of readers: not only a diverse age group, but also a spectrum of English reading ability. For this reason we will be putting our easy reading pages on Mondays and Wednesdays to make it simpler for teachers to decide which days to order for their particular classes. Tuesdays and Thursdays will both contain Liberal Studies pages, and these will be in more difficult English and sometimes cover more mature content. Wednesdays will retain give the popular 101: simplified material to help to break down the difficult issues into easy-to-understand digests that will give background and an overview of the subjects being discussed.

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You can take a look at the entire issue by clicking on the image or right clicking it and press "save as" to download a copy.


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