Script: Listening Exercise 170

Script: Listening Exercise 170


Cathy: My goodness, Sam! You’ve got a terrible shiner there! Whatever happened? Wow, it looks painful!

Sam: Don’t ask! Actually it looks worse than it is. It doesn’t hurt at all now, but it was really painful for two days after the accident. I know it still looks bad, but you should have seen it the day I did it. I looked like something out of a horror film. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a black eye in my entire life. To think I play both football and rugby, and I’ve never had a black eye before!

Cathy: What happened?

Sam: It’s quite stupid really. It was my fault completely. It happened last Thursday at work. I was just walking into the building when my phone rang. It was my mother. It’s my dad’s birthday next week and she wanted to talk to me about where we should go for his birthday dinner. I told her I was walking into work, which she knew, and that it was a bit inconvenient to chat. I said I’d call her back when I got home that night. But sometimes my mum doesn’t listen to what you say, and she just kept going on and on about which restaurant we should book.

Cathy: My mum’s exactly the same.

Sam: So you know how I felt! I tried to keep calm, but it's hard. Well, I got into the lift, got out on my floor and she was still chatting. I was trying so hard to get a word in edgeways that I didn't look where I was going. There are big glass double doors into our office and I walked straight into them. Bang! Straight into the glass door!

Cathy: Oh, no!

Sam: A couple of girls in the office saw what happened and came out to help me. I just stood there, completely dazed. I thought I was going to faint, but I didn’t. One of the girls took me to a chair near the lift and sat me down. The other brought me a glass of water. Fortunately, there wasn’t any blood, but I’d hit my face pretty hard. I felt my nose and it wasn’t broken, but this black eye appeared almost straight away and my right cheek was badly bruised.

Cathy: What did you do?

Sam: I sat there for about ten minutes until I came round. One of the girls knows a bit about first aid and she put some ice in a plastic bag and I held it to my face for a while. I didn’t need to go to the hospital or anything, so I just sat with my head resting on my desk until I felt better. So, that’s how I got my shiner! I can’t blame anyone but myself. My own fault completely! My own stupid fault!


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