Get off social media

Get off social media

The art of communication is on the brink of collapse. If you are in doubt, let me point to the widespread use of mobile phones at social events and gatherings.

The rise of social media has also meant the death of handwritten messages, like thank-you notes. What's happened to general etiquette, courtesy and personal flavour?

Old traditions deserve a place in the modern world. That includes handwritten cards and messages. We should strive to embrace the value of individuality in a world obsessed with popular communication platforms like Facebook, where we all act alike.

Instead of digitally sending a message to your friend, write it on a piece of paper for him or her. That's far more thoughtful and generous. Your friend will surely appreciate your gesture.

The same goes for our habit of fiddling with our phones even during family dinners. Courtesy please!

Stop messaging, WhatsApping, texting, e-mailing, or whatever else you can do on your smartphone when you are in the company of others. Learn to enjoy face-to-face communication with real human beings. It seems like many of us have even forgotten the need for eye contact with other people.

If you find it hard to keep your hands off your phone during lunch or dinner, try this little game. Stack all the mobile phones on the table. Whoever reaches first for their phone will get the bill for everyone. The good thing is that this little trick really works! Now you'll be able to enjoy some quality time with your friends undisturbed.

I am not against the convenience of modern technology. But the future of verbal communication looks bleak if people will only be conducting it with their heads bowed as they type away furiously on their smartphones. Eventually we will lose that good old human touch in dealing with others. Modern technology is meant to facilitate human communication, not to hinder it.



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