Ixion Saga DT (Anime)

Ixion Saga DT (Anime)

It's raucous comedy action in Ixion Saga DT, as a young gamer gets sucked into a fantasy world much like one of the games he so loves to play. The difference is, now giant monsters and villainous swordsmen really are after him, and he can't just press pause.

Our hero is Kon Hokaze, a secondary school pupil who, at the start of the show, has just met a pretty female character in an online role-playing game. Thinking he might get a virtual girlfriend, he decides to help her. Immediately upon making his decision, he is transported from his room.

Meanwhile in the world of Mira, Ecarlate, the princess of St Piria, is being chased by a military faction intent on disrupting her arranged marriage to a prince from the neighbouring kingdom, Jugglaburk.

Just as things look utterly bleak for Ecarlate, Kon comes falling out of the sky - still on his swivel chair - and lands on the enemy commander's head, saving the princess. Lost in an unfamiliar world, with no idea how to get home and no other plans anyway, Kon decides to escort her to Jugglaburk.

This funny action-comedy has a lot of tongue-in-cheek Japanese humour. But don't worry about the cultural references. There's enough animated storytelling for you to get the joke. We should see it on anime channels soon.


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