Vocal strength shines through

Vocal strength shines through

Back in 2007, Jam Hsiao Jing-teng stunned the crowds at a Taiwanese talent show with his Bon Jovi-esque hard-rock voice. Now he rolls out his sixth studio album, It's all about Love(以愛之名), covering more musical ground by touching on country rock, fluffy pop and heart-baring ballads.

Dynamic opener Holmes(福爾摩斯), penned by lead vocalist Ashin of Taiwanese rock band Mayday, features characteristic ground-stomping percussions and hard-edged electronic guitar riffs.

Hsiao flaunts his spellbinding voice and outstanding upper range, with heartfelt songs like Pa Pa(爸爸), about his father's absence from his childhood.

Sadly, the title track falls into the "predictable" category as Hsiao tries hard to replicate the commercial success of his popular single Princess(王妃). His power chords are paired wrongly with the light rock composition, making the piece feel over-sung and dreary.

But in Hey, Brother!(兄弟我說), the charmer channels his explosive force into a bouncy, flirtatious ballad.

Hsiao experiments with new genres in It's all about Love(以愛之名), and some efforts are better than others. But one can never run too far off track with an unfaltering voice like that.

YP Rating: 3/5

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