Bieber's back - more relaxed

Bieber's back - more relaxed

Justin Bieber's newest album, Believe Acoustic, is the star's fifth No 1 album. Featuring acoustic versions of eight tracks from last year's Believe, and three brand new songs, and will satisfy Beliebers and pop lovers alike.

Bieber's songs appear to be maturing at the same rate he and his voice do. The stripped-down versions of his hits are just as catchy as the originals, but better demonstrate the 18-year-olds skill.

Beauty And A Beat is now focused on the vocals rather than heavy electronic beats. Without the extra effects and Nicki Minaj's rap verse, the song is much more laidback. But while the line "We gonna party like it's 3012 tonight" was perfect in the original, it feels out of place here.

The irresistible bonus track Nothing Like Us is about his break-up with Selena Gomez. The moving melody and lyrics summing up his reflections ooze vulnerability, ending the album on a sad note.

If you haven't heard Bieber since his Baby days, you may be surprised by the great improvement. The Biebs is all grown up now. And we like it.

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