Dramatic star can do funny, too

Dramatic star can do funny, too


Dramatic star can do funny, too_L
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Mainland actress Tang Wei has proven her worth in dramatic roles, and in Finding Mr Right, she shows she has comedy chops, too.

She plays Jiajia, a woman whose rich boyfriend finances her extravagant lifestyle. But when she becomes pregnant, she starts to question if she's got her priorities straight.

Swathed in labels and holding stacks of cashes, Jiajia is proud and self-centred, making it hard for her to establish friendships. When she finds out she's having a baby, she decided to leave China and head to Seattle, in the US, so her baby will have American citizenship. Despite her seeming lack of positive points, when she hires Frank (Wu Xiubo) as her driver, he offers support and, yes, friendship. Could there be something more there, too?

As the baby's father fails to return her calls, the lonely Jiajia starts to appreciate how much effort a normal, balanced life requires. So great is her conversion from spoilt diva, when the opportunity comes to resume her luxurious lifestyle, she refuses to dive straight back in.

The film is a mix of fantasy and reality, rather predictable, but fun nonetheless. Tang's portrayal of the once-shallow character is what makes the film - Jiajia may love money at the start, but as the story progresses, we see her genuineness and perseverance when faced with hard times.

YP Rating: 4/5

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