Lincoln a fine character study

Lincoln a fine character study


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Unlike traditional biopics which range from birth to death, Lincoln is a snapshot that focuses on only the final four months of the 16th US president's life.

In 1865, as the American Civil War is approaching the end, Lincoln pushes for passage of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which ends slavery.

Although his popularity reaches a new height following his first term in office, to persuade Congress to do the right thing requires borderline-corrupt lobbying and bribing.

Daniel Day-Lewis' performance is central to the film. His chosen voice is thin, but very convincing. He has the look, gravitas and quiet kindness characteristic of one of the most fascinating political figures in history, making the film both an engaging and intelligent character study.

With all the information and history presented in the film, director Steven Spielberg resorted to the most direct - and most mundane - storytelling method, dialogue and monologue. It also assumes all moviegoers already know about American party politics, making it a less accessible film to those who don't.

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