Script: Listening Exercise 168

Script: Listening Exercise 168

Getting up and Getting Going

MALE : Good morning, I'm Tim. On a school day, I get up at five thirty. That's early, I know, but I like giving myself plenty of time to get ready. I hate rushing around in a morning, like some of my friends do. I set my alarm for five twenty-five, but I always wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off. It's strange, but I'm always wide-awake as soon as I wake up, so I get up straightaway. I have a shower, get dressed and go into the kitchen to make my breakfast. No one else in the family gets up as early as me, so I have the kitchen to myself. I like to make myself noodles, porridge or toast, then I have a tub of yoghurt and a mug of green tea, We have a small TV in the kitchen and I watch the news as I eat. Then I brush my teeth and leave the flat. It's a ten-minute walk to the MTR at Olympic MTR station. I listen to my iPod as I walk. At the moment I'm into the English singer Adele. I think she has a great voice and I love her album '21'. I'm usually on the platform waiting for the train just after seven. From time to time on a Wednesday and Thursday, I go to a restaurant near the MTR station in Tsing Yi and wait for a couple of friends. I just have something to drink when they arrive, but the two of them have breakfast, usually noodles. Then the three of us get the minibus to school. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday, I get the mini bus on my own, and I’m always the first to arrive in the classroom. I just sit there and listen to music or do a bit of work until my friends arrive. Sometimes I read. I’m reading a James Bond book in English at the moment. It’s called ‘Dr No’. The English isn’t too difficult and the story is exciting. It's a great way to start the school day.

FEMALE: Hello, I’m Donna. I have to admit I hate getting up in the morning. It isn’t that I don’t like going to school or anything like that. I’m just bad at waking up and getting out of bed. If my mum didn’t bang on my bedroom door and shout at me, I’m sure I wouldn’t wake up until lunch time. I always go to bed early during the week, so I don’t know why I struggle to wake up on a school morning. Our flat is absolute chaos when I get up. My two younger brothers are rushing around arguing. There is always a fight to get into the bathroom. We really need two bathrooms in our flat, but we only have one. I never eat anything for breakfast, which I know isn’t a good thing. When I’m up and ready, I just want to get out of the flat as quickly as I can. My friend Ivy waits for me in the lobby and we walk to school. I'm always half-asleep, but Ivy loves to talk and gossip so I just listen to her as we walk. The two of us are in the same class, and we're usually the last to arrive in our classroom. We're never late - We usually get there with a few minutes to spare. I’m always awake by the time our form teacher arrives, but if the first lesson is boring, it’s a struggle not to fall asleep again. I’m not lazy, I don’t want you to think that. But I do like to sleep. It’s one of my favourite things to do.


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