The things we got for love

The things we got for love

Young Post writers and junior reporters recall the best and worst gifts from the day when love comes calling

The good

I love music. The best Valentine's gift for me would be a white model of a grand piano. I'd place it on top of my real piano, and every time I played, I'd look at the model, and be inspired to work hard so I can buy a real grand piano when I'm older.

YP cadet Jackson Ng Cheuk-yin

My best Valentine's Day gift: a brownie and chocolates. It was so sweet of him!

Junior reporter Jocelyn Wong

Chocolates are the sweetest gifts. I received them last year from my best and dearest friend. It was my first year at university, and I was still feeling confused and under a lot of pressure. She sent me these special chocolates accompanied by supportive words. They lifted my spirits at once. It was the most unforgettable Valentine's Day ever!

Junior reporter Samantha Lau Pui-ching

I've never received a Valentine's Day gift. But I think the best gift a single girl like me could ever receive might be a text from her crush saying "Be my Valentine". Imagine feeling bitter at the sight of all those lovebirds around you. But then suddenly, your phone vibrates and you read that message. Far better than a bunch of flowers. Or a mug. How is a mug romantic?

YP cadet Jennifer Tang

I'm a romantic kind of girl. An evening at home with my loved one would be perfect. We could cook together - or better yet, he could make the meal for me by himself. I love cooking, so it would be fun to test out his cooking skills. Spending some quality time together would be awesome since we're both so busy these days. (I hope he'll remember the flowers, as well. A dozen roses, please!)

YP cadet Doris Lam

Warmth is the best Valentine's gift - and I get it courtesy of my snuggly bed. No guy could ever give me the same comfort and cosy feeling.

Junior reporter Mimi Lam

Being the romantic that I am, the best Valentine's Day present I've ever given someone was copied from a scene in the movie Love Actually. Remember that part where Mark professes his love for his best friend's new wife, Juliet, at her door through a series of cue cards? I basically did the same thing for my then-girlfriend - luckily she wasn't anybody's wife - but with a video instead. It was 100 times better than just walking into a shop and picking out something generic.

Leon Lee

At my old school in Hong Kong, you could send polystyrene flowers to whoever you wanted on Valentine's Day for HK$5. Barely anyone received one because we went to an all-girls' school, but I was a proud bouquet-receiver because I had gifted one to myself.

So that's the quirky and unloved side of me.

Junior reporter Jade Lam

And the bad

The boy I like blocked me on Facebook this year! Does he want me to take revenge, or what?

Junior reporter Cassandra Lee

I once gave my girlfriend a Pikachu toy as a Valentine's Day gift. She got so excited. But then the Pokeball slipped out of her hands and dropped to the floor. Pikachu came loose and he hopped away in a split second. That broke my girlfriend April Fu's heart. Oh, wait: I think I got my dream and reality all mixed up.

Chris Lau

I think most Valentine's Day-related gifts are dreadful, but one really stood out - in a bad way. When I was eight or nine, I received a teddy bear holding a heart from an anonymous Valentine. I guess it was quite cute, really, and I was excited. But then I found out my big sister had sent it to me out of pity. Charming.

Karly Cox

The worst Valentine's gift I've ever received was from my former boyfriend: HK$500 in cash. I mean, how lazy was that? For all the men out there, please get this: the meaning of a gift is some "thing" you buy and wrap up in pretty paper. The amount you spend on it is never that important.

Mabel Sieh

I received the worst gift at an ice rink. I was asked to sit on a chair in the centre of the rink. A romantic song started to play, and my boyfriend skated in with a bunch of flowers. I really didn't enjoy being put in the spotlight. I would have much preferred a small, handmade gift, to be honest. When it comes to giving, it's the heart that matters, not crazy fantasies enacted in public.

Emily Shih

It's easy to get disappointed by one of the most anticipated days of the year. I once received a tacky necklace with a sailor-knot-shaped metal pendant. You can't say it's not your style, or not wear it ALL DAY - at least in the presence of your Valentine. I may not agree that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I certainly deserved something more elegant.

Joyee Chan



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