'No' to Lung Mei beach

'No' to Lung Mei beach

The government is planning to create a man-made beach in Lung Mei. I object to it. First, I think that the government did not spend enough time on public consultation about the proposed project. Instead of urging the legislators to rush the bill through, officials should have listened to people's views before making a final decision.

There are more than 200 types of marine life and birds living in Lung Mei. A lot of them are really rare, such as seahorses. The government has promised to relocate local marine life to the Ting Kok coast, but that may put some animals' survival at risk. I don't think the government can sacrifice our territory's marine life just because some Tai Po residents want a beach.

The government should choose a more suitable place to build another beach. It could also build a public swimming pool in Tai Po, instead.

Finally, I think that the government should listen to Hong Kong people's opinions and have meetings with different green groups. Officials ought to learn about people's views before putting the project into action in such a careless and rash manner.



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