Complain rationally

Complain rationally

More than 100 people on board the Lamma IV - employees and their families of Hong Kong Electric on a special activity to enjoy the fireworks on the National Day - were having a wonderful time. None of them realised that things would go wrong in about 10 minutes. Everyone was shocked by the accident when the vessel, owned by Hong Kong Electric, was struck by a ferry, causing it to partially sink and claiming the lives of at least 38 people.

Soon after the accident, many Hongkongers went online. Most of them expressed their sincere condolences to the victims' families, and sent their deepest blessings to the dead. I appreciate the unity of Hongkongers.

Whenever there is a large accident or tragedy, they will change their profile photos into an image of a black ribbon on their Facebook or Twitter accounts, and express their grief and sadness and send their blessings.

Others demanded an inquiry into the incident and even reproached the government and the ferry company for their inefficiency. What's more, to our astonishment, Hong Kong Electric still had not released a list of the victims' names days after the incident. Yet I'm suspicious about the purposes of those who complained about the government's actions. My brother told me that many Hongkongers blamed Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying because, even though he was told of the tragedy at 8.23pm that day, he didn't postpone the National Day firework celebrations. This decision may not have been entirely correct, but I believe that, at that point, he had too many things to consider: the central government, the huge crowd of spectators, the rescue operation ... In fact, it was quite impossible and ridiculous for him to postpone the fireworks celebration. People need to think before they make irrational complaints.

Emily was the runner-up of the Junior Section in Heep Yunn School's SCMP Writing Competition.



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