Row over gun controls shows no end in sight

Row over gun controls shows no end in sight


Many Americans took part in last month's March on Washington for Gun Control.
Many Americans took part in last month's March on Washington for Gun Control.
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The shooting that killed 20 schoolchildren in Connecticut, in the United States, has reignited debates on gun control - an issue that has divided America for decades. While gun advocates argue that gun ownership is their inherent right and point their fingers at the mentally ill, their voices are unlikely to calm millions of citizens, who are concerned for their safety.

The Connecticut incident prompted an 11-year-old boy in Utah to take an unloaded gun to school and point it at other children on the playground. The boy, who was put in juvenile detention, said he was just protecting himself from another incident. An NBC news webpage lists 48 incidents of children bringing guns to school between January 1 and last Monday.

Gun advocates continue to boast about their shooting mastery while hunting. Being able to put a pigeon on the grill is obviously a higher priority to them than their children's safety at school.

The National Rifle Association's defence of owning destructive weapons for leisure use - those same weapons which destroy innocent lives - is not right. However, the NRA is right on one thing: that more stringent regulations on the selling of weapons to the mentally ill should be imposed. Background checks to screen the mentally unstable so that they do not have access to firearms is a suggestion supported by many. Instead of stigmatising the mentally ill, the imposition of this regulation could curb potential speculation and unnecessary fear towards the mentally unstable.

Many citizens agree that the possession of handguns is enough for self-defence needs. But it is unnecessary to put semi-automatic rifles on the streets.

These weapons are normally used in war zones, not on residential streets.



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Fung Yu Qi


it is scary how these people were subjected to constant fear of these gun shootings, it is really selfish of certain government officers who keeps objecting to the suggesting of banning guns or controling guns.