Gentle glimpse of scary future

Gentle glimpse of scary future

Sweet, warm and Alzheimer's disease are not terms commonly associated with a science fiction film. But then Robot and Frank isn't set in a galaxy far, far away either.

Frank (Frank Langella), a retired cat burglar living in the near future, is experiencing the early signs of Alzheimer's. His son Hunter (James Marsden) is tired of worrying about him, and fed up with the weekly trips to check on Dad. So he buys Frank a robot butler to take care of him.

Stubborn Frank is not that impressed, until he discovers the robot's skills include petty theft. He sets out to plan his next big job with this new partner in crime.

The film does particularly well in highlighting the fragility of memory in a world where books are digitised, and a robot's memory can be instantly erased. It's a delight to see Frank interacting with the robot but, for a comedy, jokes are scarce.

Despite this, Robot and Frank is creative, blending together unlikely elements to produce something other than your usual feel-good movie.

YP Rating: 3/5

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