Vocal immaturity exposed

Vocal immaturity exposed

No one wants to be hard on an angelic 12-year-old, but Connie Talbot's Beautiful World is not exactly the sort of album to stand the test of the competitive commercial market.

Don't get me wrong; Talbot, who rose to fame by coming second on Britain's Got Talent in 2007, has the sweetest voice I've heard in a while, but the cuteness works only on kids and, perhaps, their parents. The rest of us are not convinced she has the originality to stay on the scene.

The fact that she's covering some of the most repeated songs also puts her at a disadvantage. I'm sure her covers of big songs such as Pray and Hero would've gained a few million hits as YouTube videos, but they serve as generic, unmemorable fillers here.

Talbot's rendition of the classic Amazing Grace pays tribute to the song's origin as a Christian hymn. The song is well within her ability and range, as she hits the highest notes with ease. Her pure vocals are amplified with reverb, but the gospel singing style lacks depth.

Her original single Beautiful World is noteworthy. Her lower range is displayed in the verse, as she shakes off the giddiness in her voice and sounds more mature. But at the line "It's so wonderful, so magical", her lack of polish is exposed.

It's clear her singing has a lot of growing up to do.

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