Poor foundations

Poor foundations

It was recently reported that a house in Clearwater Bay Road, owned by Duncan Pescod, the Director of Housing, had an unauthorised glass canopy and awning. Pescod issued a statement saying that he had appointed a building contractor to remove the structures. He said his tenants had given their permission.

When I heard the news, my first thought was, "Great, another one of these". It is ironic that government officials violate the laws they are sworn to enforce.

The Hong Kong government has always been appreciated for its incorruptibility, and officials are thought to be law-abiding and dedicated. Now the image that took years to build has been shattered, and citizens' confidence in the government is wavering.

Seeing all this news really disappoints me. Pescod's excuses for those illegal structures are unacceptable.

The saying goes: "If the upper beam is not straight, the lower ones will go aslant." Let's hope other officials can be models for us to follow - not targets for censure.

Hollie was the winner of the Junior Section in Heep Yunn School's SCMP Writing Competition.



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